II Baltic International
Symposium on Applied and Industrial Mathematics

IN COOPERATION WITH   SIAM, THE Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

BISAIM II: A Satellite Workshop in the Framework of

XXXIII International Seminar on Stability Problems for Stochastic Models

(Svetlogorsk, June 12–18, 2016)

Scientific Program and Communications

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XXXIII International Seminar on Stability Problems for Stochastic Models:

Portfolio analysis with general commission
M.Al-Nator, S.Al-Nator
On unreported claims models and beta-model for randomized probability of reported claims}
I.Fazekas, C.Noszaly, A.Perecsenyi
A population evolution mode and its applications to random networks
Yu.S.Khokhlov, O.I.Sidorova, I.V.Zakharova
New multivariate discrete choice model
A.Kudryavtsev, S.I.Palionnaia
Parabolic Distribution of Parameters in Bayesian Recurrent Model of Reliability Growth
A.Kudryavtsev, O.Shestakov
An Optimum Threshold Minimizing the Probability-Of-Error Criterion
A.Kudryavtsev, A.I.Titova
Degenerate-Weibull Distribution of Parameters in Bayesian Queueing and Reliability Models
Analysis of a Queueing System with Autoregressive Arrivals
D.Malakhov, A.Korchagin, A.Pupykina, N.Skvortsova
Data preprocessing and statistical analysis techniques for toroidal fusion devices
The Berry--Esseen bounds for general Markov chains
S.Nagaev, V.Chebotarev
On Bounds for Large Deviations Probabilities for the Binomial Distribution
I.G.Shevtsova, V.V.Kudelya
Lower asymptotic estimates in CLT for mean metric
Discrete Analogue of Marshall--Olkin Multivariate Exponential Distribution
N.G.Ushakov, V.G.Ushakov
On optimal variance of the additional error in averaging of rounded data
II Baltic International Symposium on Applied and Industrial Mathematics:
 1. Security of Computer Systems.
F.A.Dali, G.B.Marshalko, V.O.Mironkin
Rotational analysis of 2-GOST
O.A.Finko, K.S.Meretukov
Systems of Boolean functions: numerical decomposition in the ring Z_m
 2. Geometrical Nonlinear Optics.
 3. Engineering-Technological Mathematics.
 4. Information technologies and promblems in communications.
 5. Quantum Calculation.
Employment of operator algebras in quantum information theory for analysis of infinite-dimensional systems stability problems
 6. Mathematical Models for Biological and Ecological Systems.
I.A.Il’icheva, S.L.Grokhovsky
Sequence-specific local structural organization of DNA and its role for analog coding of genetic information
I.Bugay, Y.Pastukhova, I.Sidorenkova
"Soft" mathematic models in ecology
 7. Mathematical Models for Liquid Crystals.
 8. Mathematical Methods in Pedagogical Research.
 9. Mathematical Models in Theory of Shells.
Model problem for estimation of thermostressed condition of welded structural members
10. Mathematical Modelling for Dissipation of Admixtures in Turbulent Atmosphere.
11. Mathematical Simulation of Material Properties and Constructions.
12. Mathematical Education.
13. Medical Applications.
On some aspects of acquisition of electrical activity of rat cerebral cortex
14. Finite Elements and Multigrid Methods.
15. Fluid and gas Mechanics.
E.V.Andrianova, V.I.Astafev
The influence of discontinuities in reservoirs on the character of oil flow to the production wells
16. Mechanics of Processes in Nature.
17. Mechanics of Destruction.
18. Modelling for Burning and Combustion.
19. Nanotechnologies: Mathematical Models.
20. Earth Sciences, Geology, Geophysics.
Hardware and software complex for seismic radon station SRS-05
21. Non-Classical Problems for Equations of Mathematical Physics.
22. Ill-Posed, Inverse and Conditionally Well-Posed Problems.
23. Nonlinear Modelling and Control.
24. Data Processing, Image Analisys and Processing.
25. Applied Probability and Statistics.
A.V.Kalinkin, A.E.Kulzhanova
The probability of the extinction of branching process with the scheme of interaction 2T→3T; T→0
Lower Bounds for the Expected Sample Size of Sequential Procedures for the Multinomial Selection Problem
P.Koldanov, N.Lozgacheva
About multivariate stock returns distribution
A.P.Koldanov, V.A.Kalyagin, P.A.Koldanov
Distribution free statistical procedures in random variables networks
On the distribution of the number of runs in polynomial sequence controlled by Markov chain
26. Applied Geometry. Image Processing and Recognition.
27. Applied Discrete Mathematics. Information Security and Data Mining.
Stationary distribution of random walk on the generalized de Bruijn digraphs
28. Decision Making Systems for Regional Control.
29. Sociology. Psykhology.
30. Special Functions and Orthogonal Polynomials.
31. Super-, Neural-, Biocomputers. Evolutionary and Membrane Computing.
32. Control and System Theories. Processes of Decision Making.
On input estimation problem for linear time-delay systems and corresponding functional equations
Invertibility of dynamical systems using higher-order sliding modes
Approximated discrete-time linear switched model of thyristor converter
Application of LQR to vertical stabilization problem with several actuators
About the properties of relative degree for MIMO systems
Stabilization of a switched linear systems under the coordinate and parametric uncertainties
Cooperativ TU games containing symmetric players
33. Heat and Mass Transfer.
34. Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics.
35. Fractals and Scale Effect.
36. Economics and Financial Mathematics.
E.Golshteyn, U.Malkov, N.Sokolov
On the experience of the numerical solution of finite three-person games
V.V.Levin,S.A.Khonov, S.Y.Guskov
Maximum likelihood estimator for default rate of the credit portfolio
Analysis of the impact of dependent error components on the value of technical efficiency in stochastic frontier model
37. Power and Power Transfer.
38. Jurisprudence. Criminalistics.
39. History of Applied Mathematics.
40. Mathematics of Emergencies.

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